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Your Hair Clippings Live On!

Updated: Apr 14

There are oil spills happening right now around the globe that are causing huge devastation to our oceans. Local organisations in these countries are rallying together to create hair booms to help clean up these spills, based on our hair boom technology ♻️

Per gram, hair removes more oil from sea water than any other resource! One hair boom can soak up to 4 litres of crude oil! 💪

Every time you visit us for a hair cut, we donate your hair to the wonderful people at Sustainable Salons to be turned into a hair boom to help clean up oil spills and protect our oceans 🌊🐠

Did you know that you can also have your pooch groomed at a Sustainable Salon near you?

Check the link to find out where and to learn about all the cool stuff these guys are doing to make our salon waste history!

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