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What We Save, Can Save Us!

Updated: Apr 14

Because you choose Jeko you're truly a member of the Sustainable Salons group. As a hair salon to be a part of something greater than ourselves is inspiring. .......At Jeko we seperate our salon waste products like foil, hair colour, electrical equipments, even hair clippings have their own designated bin! This makes every haircut very valuable. These hair clippings, which aren't long enough to be donated and made into wigs, are used to create hair booms that soak up oil spills. 🌍

Heaps of oil-absorbing goodness get collected from our Sustainable Salons members every year and volunteers take the hair and stuff it into nylon stockings - the bigger the better - which are then tied together and covered in plastic mesh netting to make an absorbent boom to soak up the oil.

How amazing is that? 😍

So far, Sustainable Salons have been able to collect 62,247 kilograms of hair clippings that would have ended up in the wrong bin, serving no purpose.

Luckily, we have a community of passionate and kind people who make hair booms a reality. 💚

Photo: The Green Salon Collective

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