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Updated: Apr 14

This years hair vibes are all about bold, edgy cuts. Emerging late last year from shag and the wolf cuts, this one has been appearing accross the socials such as Pinterest and Tik Tok of late and while some of the classics will always remain, this haircut is currently in the spotlight. Think mullets, shags, wolf cuts and now the Octopus haircut.

This shape is characterized by choppy, visible layers that almost look like octopus tentacles. The haircut is long, which differentiates it from other edgy styles—but it's more top-heavy, with wispy, angled pieces cascading down your shoulders. As colourful as the name suggests, it is actually quite a sophisticated style adding layers and dimension to the hair.

The shape of the cut features a rounded head, followed by flicked out layers, that taper down the length. Octopus appearance aside, it has major sex appeal.

Suited to many hair types, chat to us about how this look can work for you x

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