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Nutriplenish Gelee

Updated: Apr 14

Hydrate your hair with superfoods, reduce frizz and define your curls with Nutriplenish Gelee.

Curl Gelee is an Ultra-hydrating curl-defining gel that creates soft, smooth, shiny and defined waves, curls and coils.

It's Conditioning formula weightlessly elongates curls without compromising definition.

Powered by superfood complex, this frizz-fighting curl gelée provides the flexible hold of a gel enriched with the nourishment and moisture of a lightweight conditioner

Curl Gelee leaves hair hydrated and frizz-free for 24 hours

What's in it?

Organic Pomegranate Oil An omega 5-rich oil that helps hydrate and revitalize dry, depleted hair Mango Butter A lipid-rich butter that helps nourish and smooth dry hair Organic Coconut Oil A luxuriously rich oil full of essential fatty acids helps lock in moisture for hydration and softness

Who's it for?

Anyone with fine-to-thick waves, curl and coils.

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