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Hydration Superheroes

Updated: Apr 14

Do you have a superhero in your bathroom cabinet? What is it? What does it do for you? Is it your brow serum? Or is it your dry shampoo?

When it comes to Superheroes, Aveda really does have the best arsenal in hair products.

Nutriplenish products are Aveda’s hydration superheroes. Powered by superfood nutrients, the nutriplenish system helps hydrate and replenish your hair.

Now there’s a new addition to this A-list lineup.

Powered by a Superfood Complex of lipid rich mango butter, organic pomegranate and coconut oil, you can experience 4x the nutrient-powered hydration from one intensive vegan treatment.

NEW nutriplenishTM moisture masques come in Light and Deep to suit your hair type.

Nutriplenish Treatment Masque Light - All Hair Types and Textures Light – Fine to Medium 150ml

The nutrient-infused hydrating treatment is a lightweight gel cream hair masque with 4x the hydration of untreated hair. Intensely moisturizes and conditions for hair that looks lush. Treats dry brittle strands to restore hydration without the weigh down.

  • Ultra lightweight intensely hydrating gel-cream

  •  Starting with a water base, we adjust the rheology with a natural modifier to transform to a gel, then add emulsifiers for a light, creamier texture

  • Contains 2x the pomegranate oils of the nutriplenishTM Light Conditioner

  •  98% naturally derived

Nutriplenish Treatment Masque Deep - All Hair Types and Textures Deep – Medium to Thick 200ml

The nutrient-infused hydrating treatment is a deeply decadent cream hair masque with 4x the hydration of untreated hair. Intensely moisturizes and conditions for visibly lush hair. Treats dry brittle strands to restore hydration for shiny, moisture-rich and healthy-looking hair.

Featuring Aveda’s own Pure-FumeTM aroma with cocoa extract, certified organic ginger oil, cardamom oil with other pure flower and plant essences.

  • Decadent, luxurious rich cream, with 10% of the formula comprised of our Superfood blend of oils and butters

  •  5x the Superfood concentration vs. the nutriplenishTM Deep Conditioner; 2.5x butters and oils of the light moisture treatment

  •  Restores moisture, shine and softness to even the driest hair

  •  96% naturally derived

Wondering where these masques might fit into your hair care regime?

Your hair needs both hydration and moisture.

And just in case you’re wondering. What’s the difference between Hydration and Moisture?

Hydration penetrates and nourishes the hair from within.

Hydrating is the process of raising the moisture and nutrient levels within the hair strand through the use of humectants, emollients, proteins, amino acids and vitamins that penetrate the hair. Hair that lacks hydration can feel dry or brittle and may break easily.

Moisturisation seals the hair cuticle and keeps moisture inside.

Moisturizing is the process of using emollients, butters and/or oils to create a barrier to help seal moisture in the hair. Moisturizing helps the hair retain water. The primary function of a moisturizer is to seal and smooth the cuticle.

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