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How To 'Dry Clean' Your Hair.

Updated: Apr 14

Want to get more out of your hairstyle in-between wash day? Alternating every other 'wash day' with a 'dry cleaning' is a great way of minimising damage and colour fade associated with wetting, blowdrying or heat-styling your hair

You might already be doing this but your not getting the best out of your dry shampoo so here's why and how to apply the product to your hair correctly.

Dry shampoo absorbs excess oil, impurities and sweat with powerful plant powders. It also instantly adds volume and texture to refresh your style.

You blast these particles into your hair, where they absorb the oils and dirt from your scalp and hair to make your hair appear cleaner - but here's what most of us are getting wrong.

These particles don't need to stay in your hair as some of us know brushing your hair afterwards helps to lessen the 'powdery' feel that dry shampoo can give, but there's one more step you should take.

Once you've applied a generous amount of dry shampoo, leave it for 1-3 minutes to allow the particles to do their job of absorbing oils from your hair, then gently brush your hair through.

Then grab your hair dryer and set it to the coldest and fastest air setting. Give your hair a good blast blowing out the dry shampoo residue. The cold air catches those dry shampoo particles (that are now filled with the oils that were making your hair look greasy) and literally blows them away - voila! You have effectively 'dry cleaned' your hair!

Minimising your 'wash days' by 'dry cleaning' in between is a great way of reducing damage and colour fade associated with wetting, blowdrying or heat-styling your hair.

Finally, he says that if you plan to cut down your shampooing by dry cleaning your hair in this way, make sure to shampoo properly by exfoliating your scalp with your fingertips.

We recommend giving your hair 2 shampoos to make sure it's clean.

Now that we all know how to dry shampoo properly, we'll be looking forward to a healthy scalp and better hair days.

At Jeko, we recommend Aveda's Shampowder. It instantly adds volume and texture with reviving plant powders. Montmorillonite clay absorbs excess oils on scalp and hair. Tapioca starch helps instantly boost volume and keep styles in place. 99% naturally derived* and vegan.

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