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How Sustainable Is Your Day To Day?

Updated: Apr 14

Lifestyle Changes

Spend more time outdoors and grow your own herbs, fruit and vegetables. Even if it’s just a few pots around the house, there's no waste as you can just pick what you need instead of buying it wrapped in plastic. It all helps!

Order less home delivered meals. We’re busy! We love food delivery and on-the-go meals, but what’s the cost of this convenience?

68 million online takeaway food orders are made every year in Australia.

Many of these meals come in disposable plastic food containers, contributing to 900 000 tonnes of plastic packaging produced by Australia alone every year.

How Much Meat And Dairy Do You Consume? If you eat meat every day, start with one Meat-Free day a week. For vegetarians, cut dairy a couple of days a week – the point is to just eat less animal products and more plants, no matter where you’re at right now. If you can’t give up meat, at least find out where yours is coming from and buy from a local farmer using sustainable practices. Switch your dairy milk for oat, soy, or almond milk. There are many different brands out there and they vary in texture and taste so keep trying until you find one you like. Small Changes In Your Kitchen Say goodbye to cling wrap – it's completely unnecessary! Store leftovers in containers. They keep food fresh and stack nicely in your fridge. If you have the space for a full-size compost bin, great. If not, look into some small compost solutions like the Bokashi, and avoid sending it to landfill. Opt for bamboo or metal kitchen utensils when yours need replacing. Use machine washable cloths in your sink, and while you’re at it, replace your cleaning products and detergent with environmentally friendly products. Tidy Your Bathroom Cabinet Use up all those half empty tubes of skin care. If you have invested in a new face cream, finish your old one by using it on your body. Replace your disposable razors with safety ones, your plastic toothbrushes with bamboo toothbrushes, those single use cotton pads with bamboo wash cloths. Rethink Your Transport Consider walking or riding your bike when travelling short distances. Plan to use public transport when travelling further and use your free time to read a book, catch up with friends or just take time to think! If youre heading out of town with friends for the weekend, carpool if you can. When you’re travelling short distances, think about driving or catching the train instead of flying. If you have to fly remeber to offset your emissions.

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