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Box Dye - More Like A Box Of Chocolates!

Updated: Apr 14

Thinking about coloring your hair at home? You've got regrowth, we get it! Yep, lockdown is bad but a color disaster during lockdown…….please.

Your regrowth may be bothering you but please don't box dye your hair! If you've been contemplating a box dye from the supermarket, we'd like you to consider the following...

Box colors are like a box of chocolates - you never know what you're going to get! Coloring hair is not a 'one size fits all' approach. Every head of hair is different and applying color is a very specialised and customised process.

Many factors are taken into consideration, such as hair type, condition, color, is it virgin or colored, medications taken and allergies.

You’re not a colorist, therefore, a lack of knowledge around the color wheel and color levels on top of the challenge of choosing the right developer will get you into trouble!

Unlike in salon professional color, box dyes typically contain high amounts of ammonia which means they fade out warm. They also contain nitro dyes, PPDs, metallic salts and even henna that bind to the keratin in your hair. They are set up as progressive dyes, which means each time you use them, they build up and your hair gets darker.

A box dye is every hairdressers' nightmare because the pigment is so hard to shift and in most cases takes a few visits to fix and get your hair back to a healthy condition which will be expensive.

Because they contain high amounts of ammonia (did I mention they also fade out warm), this means the products are extremely drying on the hair and can also cause skin allergies.

So step away from that beauty section in the supermarket! If you need help or advice about your hair or your regrowth, we're still here. So please message us on our social media channels xx

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