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Blonde Like A Boss!

Updated: Apr 14

Whether you're a natural blonde or considered going blonde at some point you may or may not know that to do it well, requires commitment. As a blonde, you're bound by upkeep but with that said, when your blonde hair looks healthy and shiny, it's well worth it.

For the best ways to upkeep blonde to keep it vibrant, healthy and shiny,

check out the tips shared by the Aveda Pro Team

PRO TEAM Member Mathew Wickham’s tips:

1. Use a treatment that will repair your hair. Going lighter can be a lot of stress on your hair and you want to put back some goodness. Use a natural bond builder like our botanical repair™ range for that extra strength to keep your blonde hair super strong. This can be done as a masque or a leave in. If you have a little time masque for a little longer and wrap in a towel.

2. Get a toner/gloss once a month.

AVEDA gloss acts as a treatment improving the condition and shine of your hair. Who wouldn’t want that? Ask your nearest Aveda salon about this service – you won’t regret it.

3. Invest in a good paddle brush.

Very gentle start brushing your hair from the ends. Hair when wet is super fragile and needs lots of love. A global favourite is our Aveda wooden paddle brush.

PRO TEAM Member Laura Kim’s tips:

1. Find the right shampoo routine.

You will find your hair texture and condition has changed after colouring your hair. As your regularly shampoo your hair, it’s best to use natural shampoos that don’t have harsh chemicals like sulphates and parabens that can strip the hair.

2. Find the right styling routine.

Heat styling is one great way to complete your look but if you are doing too much your hair will damage easily. You will find using a leave in treatment like the botanical repair™ leave in treatment will help improve your hair by building those bonds and it’s also great for heat production.

3. Visit your salon for salon treatment

Blonde hair needs good care and salon professional treatment! Make sure you advise with your salon and colourists so they can assist and improve your dry/ damaged hair right away. They are the experts after all!

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