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A Force Of Good!

Updated: Apr 14

Well you probably know, Aveda has gone 100% vegan. Did you take part in Veganuary? That's January with a vegan twist. Lifestyle changes no matter how big can make a huge impact on our planet, so if you're looking to switch out some of your pantry, cleaning and/or clothing items, influencers and Aveda pals Nat Roser and Shannon Lawson have shared some of their favourite vegan or eco-conscious brands.

Nat’s Favourites:

Favourite Aveda product: Botanical Repair™ Strengthening Leave-in Treatment

Favourite vegan clothing brand: Rose and Bare

Favourite vegan meal to make at home: Sweet potato curry

Favourite vegan chocolate: Hu Simply Dark Chocolate

Favourite vegan coffee: Sipp Instant

Favourite vegan cleaning products: Koh

Favourite vegan wine - 6ft6 Wines

Shannon’s Favourites:

Favourite Aveda product: Be Curly™ Curl Enhancer

Favourite vegan clothing brand: BOODY

Favourite vegan meal to make at home: Lentil dahl

Favourite vegan chocolate: Pana Organic

Favourite vegan snack: Keep It Cleaner Protein Balls

Favourite vegan cleaning products: Koala Eco

Favourite vegan food delivery: FLAVE

You can follow the girls on Instagram below!

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